The Gift Guide

Everyone needs a little help at times choosing a gift for a special person for a special day. Below are some of my favorite picks for this Spring! A mixture of luxuriously and conveniently priced items for men and women. Happy Spring and enjoy shopping!


A gift for that aspiring makeup artist or future beauty guru, or simply someone who admires the art of being beautiful all the time! My top picks from my favorite brands for gifts this Spring. Facial care, minimal looks, dewiness, and some daily staples that are MUST HAVES.


This Spring, I’m feeling very bright and airy. Nudes and whites are calling my name! These picks are to LIVE for! Straps, cork, leathers, brights, open toes, YES, PLEASE.




So much to choose from, it’s sickening. I’m feeling deep V’s and off the shoulders this Spring, 100%. Also, I threw in some 90’s vibes because why not?


Need I say anymore?



All items on this list are for you to enjoy in your home and at your convenience. Chic & decor friendly with most being a price you can't beat for the utter awesomeness that they are. Perfect gifts for those who have loved ones or friends who just got a new place, newlyweds, or college students! Or you can spruce up your own home and grab something spiffy today to add to your home or work space. 

Vanity Planet | Palette | Professional Makeup Brush Collection 70% Off


Can't forget about our lovely men, ladies... This ones for you fellas! An array of items for manly essentials and needs from grooming, accessories, shoes, and clothes. Enjoy!