What kind of blog is this?

My blog is a “Lifestyle Blog”. It covers everything I'm simply interested in, alongside my faith, beauty, fashion, fitness, health, philosophy, education, wisdom, and more. So, it’s nothing specific other than my passions, but to be socially correct, it’s a “Lifestyle Blog”. 

Can I reach out to you for advice?

ABSOLUTELY! I am ALWAYS available and open to lending an ear or a helping hand for my readers. I am your friend above all else.

Can i ask you to post about a specific subject?

YES! I love opportunities to take on a personal requests. That’s always fun :)

Can i do a collaboration post/video with you?

You can always reach out and discuss with me what kind of post/video you're interested in creating with me. As a brand, I'm pretty picky with what I put on my website, but I'm open to ideas!