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Soft Edge Street Style & An All Natural Beauty Routine! - Featuring CAMIXA Linen Shirt & Leahlani Skincare

My beauties! How are y'all on this amazing FRIDAY?! This week went by pretty fast for me. And a LOT has happened. Which also means a lot of fun new amazing things are happening for YOU too! Because I don't like only doing things for myself. It wouldn't be fun for me if that were the case! First of all...

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Black and Purple Vibes

Dark colors have always been so seductive and sexy. Black, purple and dark red also happen to be my favorite colors as well. So this is just the perfect makeup look to me! The holidays are always about bright colors and cheer, and I'm all dark and mysterious 365 days a year. So it works out...

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Detox Time with Bentonite Clay

So, my grandmother back in 2005 brought home this HUGE tub of grey, goopy, clay looking shit. I was so curious, and really just wanted to make sculptures out of it because- 2005. Then, one day she was walking around the house with a face that looked like cracked porcelain. Not only did she scare the shit out of me, I needed ANSWERS...

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