The Dangers of Candida & How We Beat It | Featuring: Sugar Smart Box


This is going to be a different blog post from what I usually post, so bear with me. But, I feel that this is important to share and I feel, based on my research, that a lot of people could use this info! So, to jump right into it, snacks are something that are a large part of Mike (my boyfriend, for those who don’t know) and my lifestyle. And when we snack, we snack hard. Chips, jerky, cookies, meat sticks, all the good kind of finger foods you and I like, all the gains, all the fun things... BUT- we all know, that the calories, carbs, sodium, sugars and grams, they add up. I like to think of myself as health oriented and conscious to what I put in my body, so when I snack, I have to put into account what the ingredients are and what the macros will be. A lot of times, it’s not what I can have, so I end up just being hangry and grumpy for the remainder of my day until I eat what I’m allowed. But I came across this company called “Sugar Smart” and it completely changed the game. They are 100% SUGAR FREE snacks and sweets that are both health conscious and affordable.

I originally reached out though because something happened in my life that taught me a lot about the human body and it’s sugar consumption, and that was when my boyfriend, Mike, found out he had a Candida Albicans bacterial overgrowth.


Candida is a bacteria that is naturally in our body, but like any other kind of bacteria, there can be too much of it and can cause an overgrowth. Too much sugar, sodium, carbs, alcohol, or processed foods can cause it, as well as not enough fiber, minerals, or probiotics. Stress is also a huge factor to a Candida overgrowth. Candida can be growing out of control in your body for years and you’d have no idea, or at least until it started showing symptoms; if at all.

Candida isn’t always bad, but in most cases, it’s the root cause for some serious discomfort in your body, mind and life. Most women know one form of it as a “yeast infection”, which is caused by Candida Albicans. And in other cases, for everyone else, it can come in the form of mild to severe acne, stomach discomfort, irritable bowels and much more unmentionable stuff you really don’t want me to mention. It isn’t nice. But the main thing to keep it under control is, YOUR DIET.

So, back to what I was saying, Candida started to get a bit out of control in Mike’s body and started to eat right through his intestinal walls creating holes that lead toxins straight into his bloodstream. This is called Intestinal Permeability, also known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. Meaning, when he ate foods, both toxic and nourishing, they would leak into his bloodstream and cause skin rashes, blemishes, flushing and discomfort almost IMMEDIATELY. Like, he would eat a teaspoon of something (nothing more), and his skin would react negatively within a matter of minutes. And this was for every single meal. Poor baby was miserable... and I was scared for him. At the time, we had no idea why this was happening. At first we thought it was external, like maybe it was the face wash he used, or the detergent we were washing the sheets with. We tried skin lotions, serums, washes, scrubs, diet change, fasting, etc. and nothing worked. And if it did, it wasn’t for long. But then, we started to put together that it was happening every time he ate, so it HAD to be an internal matter. He started to do so much research, he pretty much figured it out without anyone telling him what it was, and he landed on it being a Candida overgrowth and food sensitivities.

…pretty hot if you ask me.

Anyways— we went to a specialist that ran a blood panel on him, and the results were INSANE. He was allergic/sensitive to SO many things that he was normally CRUSHING in almost every meal for years. Also, the doctor was highly impressed that he self-diagnosed Candida as the culprit without any prior tests being done or knowledge on the matter, because he was tested positive for having Candida Albicans in his bloodstream, and it was off the charts. So we made a plan. It most definitely sounded like Hell, and it wasn’t going to be easy. We knew that much, but we really had no idea what we were in for.


  1. No sugar.

  2. No foods that were in the “red” on his blood panel report.

  3. Take the Anti-fungal medication he was prescribed on time every day and drink lots of water.

Sounds simple right? WRONG. Do you realize that sugar is in EVERYTHING? Like, literally everything. Not only could he not eat the bajillion foods he was sensitive to (such as: wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, chicken, rice, almonds, coconut, cheese, broccoli, beans, corn, grains, turkey, strawberries, bananas, all fruit, aka ALL THE GOOD STUFF) but we had to also find foods that had none of these ingredients in them, as well as NO SUGAR. And man, I cannot tell you how many days we got into petty arguments because our brain cells were eating themselves due to starvation (AKA HANGRY AS ALL GET OUT). And not to mention this terrifying fact — when you start to starve Candida of yeast and sugar (which is was it feeds on), since it’s a parasite and has a mind of it’s own, it will literally start to control your thoughts and make you irritable, angry and ravenous of foods that you’re not supposed to eat and make you lash out on people JUST TO GET YOU TO EAT WHAT YOU’RE CRAVING. I don’t know about you, but we did not want this stuff inside of us. So, I did the diet with him (as best I could, because let’s face it, I’m not great at sticking to diets, BUT LORD KNOWS I TRIED) because I wanted to be supportive and eating the things he couldn’t in front of his face sounded inhumane. So, I figured, why the hell not? 80% of the population actually has a Candida imbalance anyways, and I am 200% most likely a part of that 80%. Candida can also have a connection to chronic fatigue, headaches, short term memory loss, stomach/GI issues, thin hair, skin sensitivities, mood swings/PMS symptoms and so much more, which I’ve experienced most of.

Here is an AT HOME test you can do to check and see if you have Candida! If there are stringy, leg-like fibers hanging from the top of the water, cloudy specks in the middle of the glass, and your spit sinks down to the bottom, you most likely have a Candida overgrowth. Make sure to do this test BEFORE drinking any water, eating, or brushing your teeth FIRST thing in the morning! This is when you will get the best results. This is not a scientifically accurate test and does NOT replace a blood panel, so before taking any medication or making any life altering decisions, please consult your primary care physician or specialist.

Here is an AT HOME test you can do to check and see if you have Candida! If there are stringy, leg-like fibers hanging from the top of the water, cloudy specks in the middle of the glass, and your spit sinks down to the bottom, you most likely have a Candida overgrowth. Make sure to do this test BEFORE drinking any water, eating, or brushing your teeth FIRST thing in the morning! This is when you will get the best results. This is not a scientifically accurate test and does NOT replace a blood panel, so before taking any medication or making any life altering decisions, please consult your primary care physician or specialist.

So, needless to say, we were exhausted and at our wits’ end when it came to trying to look for sugar free and sensitivity free products to eat. So we ate bland salads, drank good ole’ water, took mineral supplements to replace the nourishment we weren’t getting from food and exercised daily to try and keep our minds busy while we felt like we were slowly dying :)


I came across Sugar Smart Box while on an app for influencers and brands to collaborate on. I took it as a sign from God when I went to their website and realized what they were all about! It was super exciting to come across such flavor in a world not very sweet at the time (if you catch my drift). I was so excited, so I reached out. They got back to me pretty fast, sent me a box and it was pure bliss in our mouths and stomachs. It was Mike’s first taste of anything actually satisfying for a hot minute that wasn’t a health hazard for him and I felt like I finally did something good for him. I must say, I have never felt more helpless as a girlfriend when he was going through this. As a nurturing woman, I just want to cook for and feed my man when he isn’t happy. It’s my go-to when I want to help him feel better, and I couldn’t even do that. I wanted to fix his problems and be the solution, but all I could do was be there for him when he needed me. It was also difficult because I had to be the one to say no and be his rock when he was tempted by the “red zone” foods from time to time, so sometimes I felt like the enemy. And because I was also doing the diet and starving my body from sugar, I was extremely irritable myself. Mike and I work from home, not to mention we also own a business together, so we are together 24/7. Combine that, along with going through a sugar and caloric deficit on top of having a parasite tell you to kill anything that got in the way of you and a slice of cake, was VERY challenging to say the least. Low blood sugar mood swings are no joke.

The point of this post is to help people struggling with a no / low sugar diet and give them a way out of struggling in the snack and sweets department, educate my audience on what Candida is and how to test yourself if you have it, and if you do, how to survive mentally and physically while getting rid of it and to let you know that you aren’t alone. Candida is a silent killer, and while it isn’t known to “kill” people per se, it drives you absolutely insane and causes issues that can lead to depression, anxiety and self image distortions, not to mention severe health threats.

Mike was the one that was being rabidly attacked by this parasite and it broke my heart. I saw it mess with his mind and body so much and there was nothing I could do about it. But I got his permission to talk about it publicly so that if someone has tried everything to fix certain ailments, but just can’t seem to find the cause, look into Candida and the Candida Diet for starters. At minimum, do that at-home spit test stated above, or at most, seek a specialist to run a blood panel to find out whats really going on in that body of yours! There are plenty of specialists that can do this for you and accept insurance as a form of payment. If you don’t want to go to a specialist, that’s up to you. But if you feel that you fit the bill, here are some natural solutions we used that won’t hurt you if you did want to try them! I listed all the specific products we used and have done extensive research on each of them. From reviews, quality, ingredients, potency, dosage, etc. The links that are attached are of the exact product we used! I cannot swear by any other product you end up using, but I swear by these. They aren’t in any particular order since they are all amazing, but try them out, a little at a time. Good luck!

  1. Digest Spectrum for Gluten & Lactose Intolerance | Digestive Enzymes - SHOP

    This is to be taken before EVERY meal and a second time after heavier meals as well if you feel the need to do so. This helps break down food and takes the load off your body from doing the heavy lifting, giving your gut a break. This will help aid those in constant discomfort from indigestion, gas, bloating, or constipation caused by gluten or dairy intolerances.

  2. Restore | Gut Health - SHOP

    This right here, is God’s miracle gift to us humans with GI problems and Leaky Gut. This is a tasteless liquid made from ancient soil that helps heal your Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is not to be taken though WHILE you are trying to kill the Candida. You don’t want to heal your gut, then trap in the Candida for it to tear through your intestines again. So I suggest taking this AFTER you’ve done a 30 day hard core Candida Cleanse and you know the Candida is gone for good (you can do the spit test to give you a visual indication). Your stomach lining is very vulnerable when it’s injured and this will help as a barrier for when you eat so you don’t cause inflation to your stomach while it’s trying to heal. This can also be used as a barrier for after the fact so that you don’t damage your gut again from food in the future, especially when you’re not eating “cleansing foods”. Take a teaspoon of this 30 min before every meal (up to 3x a day).

  3. White Kidney Bean Extract | Carb Blockers - SHOP

    Intercepts absorption of carbs, starch and fats, preventing them from being broken down and from turning into fat and sugar. It helps your body pass out carbs and fats, preventing them from being fully digested. This is perfect for those times you want to cheat a little and don’t want to pay for it. Now that Mike and I are passed the detox phase, we use this whenever we have a substantial amount of carbs in any meal. It helps prevent “the itis” or “food coma”. GOD SENT for weight loss as well!

  4. DGL | Enzymatic Therapy - SHOP

    This is taken after every meal to help soothe the stomach and restore enzymes into your stomach regardless of the meal you ate. it also helps prevent gas and bloating.

  5. Thorne Undacylenic Acid - SHOP

    This is going to be your heaviest, biggest and strongest weapon against Candida during your detox. Undacynoic / Undacylenic Acid is gentle on the stomach, but shreds Candida from your body. There are no side affects or symptoms from taking it (a headache at most from what’s called “die-off”. Die-off is from the Candida dying and passing through your body, but nothing a little Advil can’t fix), and you can take it on an empty stomach. I took 5 at a time, 3 times a day (they’re super small gel caps), then a week later I progressed to taking 10 at a time, 3 times a day until the bottle was empty. Definitely got rid of any little Candida dude that was roaming around in my or Mike’s blood stream pretty fast. I swear by this product.

  6. CandiDase | Candida Defense - SHOP

    Mike takes this every single day still, no matter what, to help balance his yeast and pH levels. It helps regulate your blood sugar, helps stabilize your body’s natural defenses, and it has anti-fungal properties that help prevent Candida from ever getting out of control again.

  7. Activated Charcoal Capsules | Detoxing - SHOP

    This is an all natural way to detox your body from ALL things toxic. But make sure NOT to take it with other vitamins or minerals that you want absorbed into your body because this stuff will absorb it and pass it through without a second thought. It;s meant to absorb and expel, so keep that in mind. It’s strong, but gentle on the gut and is perfect for hangovers or preventing them if you’re a drinker! But you shouldn’t be drinking anyways (though if you insist on drinking, Tequila was given the thumbs up by Mike’s doctor due to it being low in carbs and sugar), but still, it’s horrible for your body when you’re trying to heal it. Don’t do it. Just saying… :)

  8. 90 Billion Probiotic | MEN - SHOP | 50 Billion Probiotic | WOMEN - SHOP

    When you’re putting your body through so much, it’s important to restore the flora in your gut (the good bacteria) so that you don’t end up with the bad bacteria taking over your Gut Kingdom. This can happen when you take antibiotics, drink too much alcohol, take harsh medications, pain pills, don’t eat very nourishing foods, or constantly have stomach discomfort and don’t know why, among many other things. Having a small probiotic count could very well be a huge factor to your gut health declining.

    The 90 Billion is better for men, and the the 50 Billion is better for women. But you can shop both and feel out which one is better for you! I take a 50 Billion personally, and Mike takes a 90 Billion.

  9. Diatomaceous Earth | Food Grade - SHOP

    Ok y’all… this is the real McCoy. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a product made up of ground up pre-historic fossil shells. It is made into a fine and fluffy powder that you can mix into water, apple sauce, food, or whatever you want to help you consume it. But essentially, what it does, is it kills upon impact any type of parasite with an exoskeleton due to the fossil shells getting under its body and shredding up the parasite, merely annihilating it. Intense, I know. But so, so healthy for you. Not only will it kill the Candida, but it can also kill tape worms, parasites in the gut you didn’t even know was there, and if you give it to your dog in their wet food, it will rid them of their worms if they have any! You can also put some on your animals coat if they have fleas or ticks, and it will kill them within 24 hours! Another God sent product provided by Mother Nature!

  10. Bentonite Clay | Food Grade - SHOP

    Yes, a beauty secret as well as a gut health secret! Bentonite clay does the same thing as DE, but is not as harsh on the gut and will help flush out your system of any heavy metals and/or toxins. You can actually make a little cocktail for yourself of both the DE and BC mixed into some apple sauce once every 2 days for 2 weeks to help speed up the process of ridding your body of Candida and parasites! It’s tasteless and odorless, and will do your gut a whole lot of good.


  11. Body Ecology | Super Greens - SHOP

    This was our saving grace in the mornings and when we felt like we weren’t getting enough nourishment into our bodies from foods we couldn’t eat. Drink this with a glass of water and a splash of apple juice, perfect morning drink for a boost of energy. PLUS- Body Ecology, the brand, is VERY informative on the Candida subject itself. So if you want to learn more about it, check it out!

To bring everyone up to date on Mike and I, as far as our health goes, we’ve never felt better! Mike’s skin has cleared up almost 100%, his energy levels are through the roof, he can eat anything he wants pretty much and not have a negative reaction, and he started to feel the results immediately, but saw results externally within a 45-60 days of starting treatment and his diet changing. I highly recommend you look into these things if you’re simply a human. You don’t need to have a severe reaction to have Candida to have it, and you don’t need to have it to benefit from the products I listed. To prevent this from ever happening to you in the future, the natural supplements I listed will help protect you, and can save someone else’s life that you know from future ruin. If you know someone who might be going through something similar to this, give them the link to this post, gift them some of the above linked products for Christmas, and change their life. Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy, and thank God you’re alive!


If you want to check out Sugar Smart Box, click HERE to purchase your first box! It’s perfect for diabetics, Keto diet followers, health conscious people, and those who don’t want to feed sugar hungry parasites!

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