New Hair Color Alert! NO BLEACHING! How to:




When I got home, I prepped the following:

  • Color cup/mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • Vaseline 
  • Hair clip
  • Color applicator
  • Hair comb
  • Dark colored towel
  • An unwanted/fuck-up-able shirt

Approximate time needed: 60-75 Minutes


  • Put gloves on, fuck-up-able shirt on, and pour contents on ONE tub of Manic Panic color into mixing bowl.
  • Apply vaseline to your hairline, ears, and neck. Carefully applying while avoiding any hair from being touched by the vaseline. This will help your skin from being stained by the color. 
  • Unwashed, preferably not washed for 24 hours or more. It helps keep your natural oils in the hair cuticle and helps aid hair color become more saturated. 
  • Brush hair out thoroughly and part in the middle.


  • Apply color from root to tip starting from the middle and breaking down your hair into quarters using 1-3 hair clips to section it off. 
  • Using only a little at a time (a little goes a long way)
  • Once all roots are thoroughly saturated in hair color, go all the way around and saturate the ends with color.
  • Taking your hair comb, brushing your hair through making sure the dye is even and there are no dry spots. 
  • Take the remaining amount of color with your gloved hands and run it through your hair like you would conditioner.
  • Brush hair out, and tie up with a hair clip.
  • Let sit for 30-45 minutes. 

STEP 3 - * WARNING *: Make sure to use a bathroom you don't mind fucking up royally with red dye. Because, if you have a white bathroom, it will now be a pastel pink at best. If you don't have this available to you, i recommend a kitchen sink because most are stainless steel. Keyword: STAINLESS. And this will last for at least by the 3-4th wash. Thank me later for this amazing forewarning. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

  • Wash at least twice before thinking you're finished. Conditioning is a must as well.
  • Scrub the edges of your hair line and your ears to assure you don't have red dye on your skin.
  • And grab that dark colored towel and befriend it for as long as your hair is dyed. Because it will save the rest of your linens from changing colors :)

Blow dry, style, and enjoy your new do! If you do it, tag me on IG! @CheyMina // Please share this post and educate fellow lil mamas how to get bangin red hair <3 Click here to purchase color NOW! 

See you guys soon xo 




I had a golden brown/red tinted hair color before I took the chance to go bold. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and was trying to go the perfect color the first try, because I hate having to redo things. So I saw this color by the OG colorist favorite called Vampire Red by Manic Panic and it wasn't long until I walked out with 3 tubs of this color alone.