6 Reasons A Guy Goes "Ghost" With No Warnings & How To Deal With It

In spirit of Halloween, I thought id talk about ghosts. Like, you know... the kind when a guy is being amazing for days, weeks, maybe even months, then one day its like he was literally an imaginary friend and never actually existed. Meaning, that mother fucker just ghosted your ass. But, im not talking about the "slowly starts to change" type. The little red flags here and there where you can see it coming and maybe brace yourself for the fall thats gonna happen flat on your face. Im talkin about talking every day, texting all day, seeing him, long, serious, amazing conversations that will make you ponder..."Is this the one?". The love is IN THE AIR... Then POOF. He now IS the fuckin air. 

The first couple hours of this happening, you're texting, calling... Maybe you made plans. And his usual swift text back turns into hours of wondering what the fuck is he doing thats more important than YOU. And then one hour turns into hour(s), then it turns into a day, two days, a week... You think this fucker must be is DEAD. Because you KNOW he is NOT ignoring you. Like why would he do that? Thats stupid. But then, low and behold- he posted something on Instagram BEFORE TEXTING YOU. AFTER WHAT FEELS LIKE FOREVER AND YOU THOUGHT HE WAS ABDUCTED. AWWWW SHIT. And it wasn't a farewell post his mom put up for his memorial service. Now you're mad AF, and know if you see him anytime soon the next post WILL be just that. A memorial. Because R.I.P. 

So, then your mind is like "w9288sdkhgskbv?!?!?!?!!?!kahsfksbk12o3ydhg" for like the entire day and you want to say a million things. You feel betrayed, hurt, confused, heavy hearted, you might even cry... You feel rejected, worthless, and hopeful that he might come back around any minute. You want to reach out, but you just can't. Because you're not his girl, you probably don't know him very well, and well, you're a classy bitch. And classy bitches don't flip over small things like boys who can't find his nuts. So I'm here to give you the answers to why a man may just up and disappear like this and ill tell you what to do afterwards. Lets begin.

1. He's a little bitch.

Sounds harsh, but in all reality, like not even joking- this is facts. Men act tough. They seem smart. They look like they have their shit together. BUT THEY DONT. They can't handle confrontation with a woman, they don't know how to be honest and up front, and they are afraid of you. Or, he's a little bitch in the sense that he has no respect for women and their feelings, and therefor he doesn't deserve you.

2. Something tragic happened in his personal life

Ok so not all men are assholes, but sometimes they handle stress and tragedy in a very bad way. And that can result in them just overall shutting everything and everyone out. So keep this in mind before losing your mind and calling him every name out of the book in a text message you can't unsend. You're just making his life worse. And giving him more of a reason to not call you ever again, even if he planned to after his hard times washed over.

3. He simply wasn't THAT into you

Sorry baby girl, but this is very much the truth most of the time. Maybe, JUST MAYBE- you said something that triggered him, or something so out of line in his world that it turn him off completely. Maybe, you just don't "do it for him". And he expected more. Which is his fault for expecting anything, but you know. Humans. For future reference, if you feel this is the case currently- be very careful with how you pursue someone in the beginning stages even if it seems that they like you a LOT. That theres passion and sexual attraction... People are weird, and get excited but people also have pasts and you can definitely trigger someone if you say something a little too overzealous or jump the gun too fast. Moving fast usually results in a quick ending. Kind of like sex... Whatever. You get it. Just know, if this was the case- its doesn't mean that you weren't enough woman or good enough for him, it just means that he wasn't the right one for you to appreciate what you do have to offer. He was probably a dick anyways. Keep your head up <3

4. He's feels you're too good for him

This is actually real people. Sometimes, you're just TOO good for someone and they see that. And most of the time, if they ghost on you so hard and don't throw a pity party for you to feel sorry and to be accepting of them, they're right. I had a guy once that I had such a strong connection with. I mean passion, affection, liked all the same things, good times, was never afraid to show me off in public, but once that "talk" came up of possibly moving forward with our relationship he was super honest with me and opened up. He told me that I was too good for him and that he knew he wasn't ready for a committed and monogamous relationship at the moment. He felt that I deserved more than what he could offer me at that time. So we became really good friends and still talk to this day. But he was a man and was able to be HONEST with me. But I also left it open and made it comfortable FOR him to be honest with me. Don't pressure a man into being open with you. Leave the option on the table and let your actions tell the same story. Be understanding and calm, and he'll come out of his shell sooner or later. Unless he's a fuckboy and doesn't care to tell you shit so it doesn't even matter. So whatever. There goes the neighborhood. 

5. Its someone else

Its a hard, large, and long thing to swallow. And no its not your hot neighbors dick. Its reality's dick. Coming over to tell you its gonna fuck you and leave you and you're gonna like it. Ladies, this happens unfortunately. And it happens to us innocent, willing, loving, honest, and amazing women who just want something awesome to share with someone, and yet they see the greener grass on the other side instead of watering their own god damn grass. Well, fortunately for us they'll soon find out that shit is fake ass turf and it won't grow their favorite flowers. So flip them off, upgrade your wardrobe and makeup skills, work out for that revenge body, grow a forest and let them live in the shade they threw all those years ago. #micdrop

But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, are you to EVER, cut down one of your trees to shed light on an unworthy situation like "who was the other person" or "where that bitch at?!". Because we're not minors anymore and we CAN go to JAIL. And JAIL is not a good place or WORTH IT for someone who couldn't even text you back. So let whoever the other person was have them. Karma is all of our good friend until you try to do her job. Stay in your yard ladies. Mind ya bidness. 

6. They have severe mental issues you will NEVER understand

So, this is one of those things that is almost likely to never happen unless you were like "DAT CLOSE" to dating the next Ted Bundy, but if a guy was just talking to you and was being amazing and super cute and google and cheesy and romantic then all of a sudden just came to a screeching halt, stopped talking to you for no reason, and even in his reality he can't explain why? Run. Never look back. Be happy about it. Assume he was Richard Ramirez' reincarnate. Assume that he would be the person to kill you if you were to ever return. Thats weird, unnecessary and pretty creepy if you think about it. Like it was almost a game, & he won. He manipulated your mind to win you over, build you up just to break you the FUCK DOWN. But has no feelings about it whatsoever, and doesn't care. COMPLETE SOCIOPATH. RUN BITCH. RUN.


Im pretty sure theres a MILLION different reasons why a guy would ghost your ass and not one is a good one unless YOU'RE the crazy one, but I'm positive the core issues are at least one of these six if you're not crazy. If it happens to be more than 1, possibly all six, sorry to tell you like this but you have REALLY bad taste in men boo boo. Time to change things up a bit. If this has happened to you more than once, look at your patterns and how you're meeting these guys and where. Start changing those patterns. Because if you don't, its just going to result in more heart ache and bullshit that your pretty little heart can't take anymore. Take it from me, someone who's had to learn the hard way. Now, how do you handle this kind of punch to tit? Ill explain. 

When you finally get the fuckin hint, don't text him at all. Maybe say your last goodbye and farewell. Wishing him well. But after that, don't try. Because for the most part, if he's gone, lol...He aint EEVVVAAAA coming back gurllll. And if he does, punch him very hard. In the dick. And tell him Chey says what it do. 

Unfollow him, maybe even block him if you want to be a little salty. And after that, let bygones be bygones. Let it go girl. I have no room to talk honestly because Im the first one who will text that mother fucker a few days later and be like "SERIOUSLY? YOU JUST GONNA DISAPPEAR? WHY. TELL ME WHY. NOW. WTF." But they never answer back. And it just makes you look dumb even though you should know why they just up and LEFT. But you aren't required an explanation. So theres no point to dig for one. Move on, get you a new boo, and buy one of my candles. It'll make you feel better because- online shopping. Obviously. <3

At the end of the day, we don't like to feel like were disposable. We want to feel respected and worthy. And when a man just stops any interaction with a woman with no explanation or reason, its painful. Short lived or in depth relationships to me must end (if they must) with dignity and grace. I want to always end things on good terms no matter what the case may be. But this is grounds for blocking and deleting someone out of my life forever. Its disrespectful, distasteful, cowardly and straight pussy shit. And I don't associate myself with pussy ass individuals. So I'm totally fine with the wrong men exiting out of my life without me having to do any work. But I would have loved a reason and a farewell, because I would have done that for them. Not everyone can be as awesome as me though right? Right. 

I care about you guys. And I love you all! If you agree with this post, please share and comment down below your thoughts. Have any advice or similar fuckboy experiences?? Let a girl know! I wanna talk shit with you <3 

Until then, Chey xo