Chey Mina: THE BRAND // the comeback


So as you all may know, I have a candle brand and it did look a bit different a few months ago. And if you've been on board for a while now, you also know iv done this probably a million times and thats because I always feel that I can be better than I am today, tomorrow. And that mindset keeps me constantly in discontent with my business model. I want to always push myself and my brand to its limits. What is it missing? How can I be unbeatable? How can I make my product consumer-perfect? Price wise, quality wise, aesthetic wise, and variety wise. So I'm always thinking and thinking and creating and redoing. And that is OK! A lot of people are like this and its what makes them great. I don't put myself down, I make myself better. That doesn't mean I felt bad about myself before, (Keep that in mind when on your own journey). So, I thought real hard about where I want to take my company. Where I see it in 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now. And I thats when I got to work. Iv tried a million times to partner with an investor, iv tried business and personal bank loans, iv tried working a full time job while also creating my business, and all of these attempts have failed. What you focus on increases, and I was always focusing on the money and abundance of my company instead of its business PLAN, design, creative freedom & purpose of my company that were going to be the REASONS at to WHY I would start making the money and accumulating the abundance naturally. So iv taken this time to focus on just that and more surrounding the longevity of my company and iv had more sales this month than iv had in 2 years. Iv been getting offers and interest from boutiques and outside business wanting to sell my product at their stores. And so much more that I am SO excited about, and its because I haven't been spreading myself thin, and iv loaded all my energy into my craft. Iv struggled, cried, huddled into a ball, wanted to fall asleep and never wake up, iv been homeless, broke, went days at a time without sleep or a full meal, and there came a point where I had to swallow my pride and ask for some heavy help from the universe and severe guidance. Because I wasn't seeing it on my own. 


Now I'm here, working with my family and work from home every day, on my terms. I have a growing business that is now being funded properly because people like you support me and enjoy my products as much as I love making them for you and serving my community. I want to thank each and every one of you for the love, support, encouraging words, and positive energy. Iv become grounded and creatively stimulated to a point of screaming with excitement EVERY DAMN DAY. And because I want you all to experience this happiness and freedom, Ill soon be making a series of videos, blog posts and e-books full of tips and great knowledge on how I'm going about business, life, relationships, and self love and how I'm accessing success at the rate I am.

I want you to share them, talk about them and use them! Its for you! And the first few bits are going to be available very soon! Until then, please make sure to check out my SHOP page and purchase a candle of your own to learn & see what all the hype is about <3 I love you guys and just know that you can too in the matter of months be your own boss and start making your dreams come true. Until then... xo