Achieving Your Goals

Iv always found achieving goals easy, but not because they came easy. But because of my frame of mind. It not only helped me get to my goal faster, but it still helped me achieve another goal if I didn't get to my original set out goal to begin with. Mind set is everything. It sets up how you view things, the actions you have, are and going to take, how you feel, if you'll try again, everything is based upon how you think of it. So I have a few things to help you get to what Im talking about. Lets do this as an exercise as your first goal with a different frame of mind!

The Steps

Map out your environment and surroundings. Just sit there, open your eyes as if you were looking from the outside looking in, and ask yourself, "Is there anything wrong with this picture?". What are some things that could be wrong you ask? Well, what about nagging, gossiping, negative friends/people? See any of those? That would be one. A BIG one too. Look in your fridge. Any junk food? Believe it or not, diet is a HUGE contribution to the way you think. So dump the junk and fill up with LIFE. Real food, not food like products. You cant expect to want your mind to do what you tell it if your feeding it bullshit. Literally. So next, what is your significant other like? Your mate can depend whether or not you even go to work on time, or even HAVE A JOB. So best believe, they can alter the way you think about a anything. Love and lust is the biggest influence of all. Next, you have yourself. How do you act? Are you a negative individual? Do you never think you're good enough? Do you feel as if you have to be a certain way ALL the time to please others? If Yes to any of those, stop right there. Drop everything you're doing, and go to a mirror. This mirror will be called your Emergency Mirror. When you have some trouble with yourself, go here. When you feel down, go here. If your feeling negative in ANY way, go here. And the person you look at in the mirror will be the complete opposite and always positive. You will have a pep talk with Yourself. Only because, NO ONE knows you, better than you. And only YOU can change YOUR mind! So challenge Yourself, and win Yourself over. It'll work every time. The first time you overcome your negativity, will be your first goal achieved. 

There are only a few things that contribute to the way you are. People, places, food, and yourself. Keep this in mind, and I promise, when you see it coming it makes things so much easier. Because at least you're forewarned and not blindsided, then fall into your own trap like the rest of most people who don't have the slightest clue of how to live life. TAKE CONTROL OF YOURSELF. Then the rest is autopilot. Good luck everyone :) xo