Natural Hair Care

I was recently asked on my Instagram by a young lady to do a post on hair growth. So why not touch point on a few troubling topics about hair, including hair growth and doing it NATURALLY! 



The importance of a head of hair to a woman is crucial. We go out sometimes for hours looking for products, tutorials, testing and figuring out the perfect solutions of what fits best to our hair care needs, and spending quite the pretty penny doing it. Now, im not a hairstylist, but I have a lot of hair myself, and when you have a full head of hair your whole life, you learn a thing or two. One thing iv always noticed is how many products we actually use on a daily basis (the typical hair and beauty freak). But, are all these products actually good for your hair? Just because it makes your hair feel soft or smell clean, does that actually mean that it wont damage it throughout time?  Not necessarily. I used to use Pantene, Thermasilk, Suave, all the popular brands at any local Ralphs, and I thought that what it said on the bottle, well, thats ALL it did to my hair. No damage, not anything bad, because it wouldn't be sold to millions if it did right? Oooooh was I WRONG. I learned that Pantene and other over the counter, everyday store hair products can actually result in hair loss over time. Even skin irritations on the scalp and face, even hands. They put chemicals in these products that like Luis Rivera says, "its not for internal use or ingestion, but you'll put on your skin which actually absorbs substances into your bloodstream faster than just simply ingesting it". That's scary. If you think about the poisons that your using on a daily basis, you'll become skeptical of many things around you. But for this post, be a little skeptical of what you're putting in your hair. Or by the time you're 50, you'll be balding. 

I have a girlfriend of mine Stacey Rae Barnes (@stayrae) who is also my regular go to hairdresser. When I met her on a photo shoot, I was in DYER need of a hair cut. So I scheduled a day with her and on that day, she introduced me to Pureology. It has changed my hair-life! Till this day, I use nothing but Pureology on my hair because even if I cheat just once, I feel an absolute DREADFUL difference. If youd like to know more about hair care and deep conditioners with Pureology and what they have to offer, contact Stacey or go to the Pureology website at the links above.


Now, Pureology is an outstanding everyday, vegan and healthy way to care for your hair, color treated or not. But if you want natural and SUPER cheap, cost efficient  remedies to help grow your hair and keep it looking like the Garnier commercials? The first product I suggest is Biotin capsules. Biotin helps hair, skin and nails and aids the process of rapid growth and unbeatable strength. It has B-complex values and helps halt the process of brittle nails and hair loss, even dry skin. You can get soft-gel capsules from any health or vitamin store, even Walmart. Take one a day and notice the changes!  

I also turn to coconut (theres that word again). Coconut is Gods gift to women. I swear it! It can be used for nearly EVERYTHING and has better benefits than manufactured goods you'd pay hundreds for.  And the best part is, its 100% natural and theres an unlimited supply! (I still have yet to do an entire post dedicated to JUST the benefits of coconut)

What you will need: 

  • Coconut Oil
  • Fresh Coconut Meat (optional) 
  • Shower Cap
  • Hair Dryer (optional) 


Take a fresh coconut and scrape out the meat. Blend it with a handfull (literally) of coconut oil. If your not using coconut meat, take only a handfull of cocout oil and flip your head upside down. Work the oil or blended serum you made in your blender into your hair starting from the roots (make sure your over a bath tub so you dont make a coconut mess!) and work your way to the end of your hair. Make sure most of the product is at the ends of your hair (the most damaged area). When your finished thoroughly applying the mix/oil throughout your entire head of hair, twist wrap your hair into a bun and clip it, and cover your hair with the shower cap. You can use a hair dryer to eat and speed up the process. Using heat will also open up the cuticle of the hair for the oil to penetrate deeper into each strand. After about 15-30 min, depending on how much hair you have, take a shower and use hot water. Try to make it as hot as you can without burning yourself so that the oil can ease its way out of your hair without leaving any oil behind. Wash your hair twice to ensure that all the oil is out! Dont dry your hair or put any heat to it for the rest of the day/night. Let it air dry naturally and the next day, feel the difference! You can do this treatment every 2 weeks, and for heavily damaged or coarse hair, once a week.

I hope this post helped out those in need and who was curious!


Radiate love and positivity and have fabulous hair! :) Until next time, Happy hair care-CheyMina xo