Your Skin Knows

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. And it needs to be cared for like all the other organs in your body. Now, perhaps you had issues with your stomach. Would you just drink medicine or take pills to not FIX the problem, but subside the issue for a temporary amount of time in an unnatural manor (with unknown chemicals and manmade substances that the box or your doctor said would help)? Id sure hope not! Id say to change your diet and figure out what homeopathic methods you could practice that not only NATURALLY help the issue enormously, but over time could eliminate the problem entirely. 

So going back to the original topic and now that you understand what I'm getting at, here comes the fun stuff! Im going to list internal AND external home made, natural, and fun remedies to make your skin naturally clear, radiant, and glowing and for it to STAY that way!



External and Internal Skin Remedies

So for starters, the information I am giving you is NOT medical advice, nor am I a dermatologist. This is strictly from personal experience and extensive research. So take what I say with skepticism until you try it yourself! Have fun, but know that not everything I mention may work as well for you as it did for myself or others. So now that thats out of the way, lets get started :)



Papaya is one of natures way of saying, Biore-who? Papaya is also an INTERNAL trick to having RADIANT and gorgeous clear skin. Not only does it have properties to help soothe acne and wrinkles or skin rashes/infections/irritations, but it also helps with menstrual cramps and regulation, along with the promotion of normal blood flow! The enzymes it includes also aid in removing dead and damaged skin. So how to use this natural secret weapon of beauty and good health?

1. Apply the SKIN of a peeled Papaya to your face and lie down for about 10 minutes. Make sure to rub the moist part of the inner facing side of the skin all over your face to make sure its thoroughly absorbed. When done, rinse with warm water.

2. The next Papaya remedy is a Papaya Facial Mask! Take 1/4 Cup of ripe Papaya, 2 tablespoons of cane sugar (brown sugar as a substitute), and 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix together until it forms a paste like consistency. Then apply to the skin for 10 minutes. (Optional on the sugar: its only necessary as an exfoliator which you would need to rub into your skin the last 30 seconds remaining) Then rinse off with warm water. 

3. Eating Papaya is also for a long term internal and external benefit! Eating the seeds believe it or not is where most of the vitamins and nutrients are in the fruit. Be careful not to chew them, grind them or crack them though! They are SPICY! Papaya has a selective flavor that not all people may not be too fond of, so I suggest the following smoothie recipe:

You will need-  1 banana, 3/4 of papaya, 1/4 cup Grade B Maple Syrup, 3 cups of almond/coconut/almond-coconut milk (or water), and ice. 

Put all ingredients in a blender, blend thoroughly. Add seeds after (optional). And enjoy! All the benefits of papaya and more, with not one displeasing taste!



Honey is a HUGE contributing factor to that natural glow . Honey has been used for as long as history has been recorded and longer as a secret remedy for skin and many things other natural cures. Its antibacterial, and has natural detoxing elements!

1. Apply a dab of honey to any pimple or blemish and let sit over night while you sleep. If your a crazy sleeper (like myself.) I would recommend putting a little circle of tissue paper over it such as a gentleman would if he cut himself shaving. This will at least cover the honey so it doesn't get on your pillow at night.  Its worth a try :) In the morning, rinse off with warm water.

2. If your not into the overnight thing, simply ingest a tablespoon of honey everyday! This will promote healthy skin, hair and nails for the long run! 

Tip: Make sure any honey you wish to use is absolutely NATURAL. How to determine? Natural honey hardens when stored in a jar. Honey with preservatives is NOT. Unnatural honey is usually always soft and liquid like. Natural honey is not. You can find natural honey at your local farmers market or bee keepers! Please support local farms and produce companies.



Coconut Oil

This is my personal favorite! Coconut oil is seriously, magic. It is so diverse and naturally beneficial that you'll probably never use anything else every again for skin, hair, or nail care. Even energy boosts!  (I will be doing an entire post on ALL the benefits coconut oil provides! But for now, just the skin!)

1. At night, when your getting ready for bed and you want to take your makeup off, (especially problem eye makeup) take a dab of coconut oil and rub it as you would makeup remover. This will loosen ALL makeup, eyeliner, and mascara, even lip stain off of your lips and face. Rinse with warm water. After cleansed, moisturize with another light dab of coconut oil. This will help acne, wrinkles, aging, and dryness throughout time. 

2. Coconut oil is VERY good for dry irritated skin, even on the scalp! Run a dab into troubled areas, such as where rashes or dandruff may occur, and this will soothe and eliminate most of the problem. (Dandruff is a result of over active skin cells that reproduce too fast. Sulfur is a very good remedy for this as well. )

3. If your a cute pool bum like myself, but don't like that un-cute peeling of the skin from sunburn and too much sun exposure, coconut oil acts as a sunblock AND tanning oil all in ONE! Can I get uh AMEN? 

FUN TIP: To soothe sunburn- 1. take an ice tray 2. fill each section with coconut oil 3. freeze - and when fully frozen, rub on affected areas! And Voila! You got yourself some Jesus in an ice tray. 

And that concludes todays post!

I hope that this was somewhat insightful and useful for some ladies and gents! Make it fun, make it your own, and keep on a lookout for even MORE skin tips and tricks +MORE!  Give me your feedback if you try any of the above, or contact me for any questions. :) 

The best skin remedy of all is POSITIVITY!

Love all and radiate positive energy! 

xo- CheyMina