Feed Your Body!

Health is a big deal for me. I have gone out of my way to ensure that I absolutely KNOW whats going in my body, by doing extensive research. In with the good, and out with the bad. But how do you know for sure whats really, 'good' for you? And how do you know that toxins are fleeing your body? Well, thats what todays chat is going to be all about! 

Lets take what you eat, and dissect it a little bit. Most people eat starch, sugars, wheat, dairy, and meat and so on. But what people dont know, is that they are not eating 'food'. They are eating 'food like products'. Dont get me wrong, iv eaten meat, Iv eaten bread, fast food like most people, but I am now a full blown raw vegetarian and have never felt better about it. People constantly think im crazy and argue with me that its not healthy - im malnourishing myself - im not getting enough protein -- well, lets look at some facts first before you go an just listen to what you've been conditioned to think you know.

Spinach has 42% protein in one serving. 

Red meat only has 12% protein. 

Mushrooms have 38% protein. 

Eggs have only 8%. 

Yes, your body breaks down spinach 10x faster than red meat (NOT SO FUN FACT: Red meat takes up to 7 days to fully process through your digestive tract. YUCK!), but yet again, the main reasons why people eat meat are because: they were taught to, they were conditioned to eat meat, they are addicted to the savory taste, they think that its the only form of protein, and its filling. That has LAZINESS and SELFISHNESS written all over it. Do your research OUTSIDE of what people are telling you and know the facts of what exactly you are putting in your body whether you like it or not.

If you do your research right, you'll come to find out that not only are we NOT meat eaters, but we are not predators at all. Carnivorous creatures have an elongated snout that is pointing AWAY from their face to catch prey easier, they have large K9 dental structures for tearing meat apart, they are usually on all four legs, and the last time I checked, they dont cook their meat. Humans on the other hand, are on TWO feet, have a flat face, have an even and smooth dental structure, and are made to be loving and peaceful creatures. Would you viciously tear the stomach and arteries out the abdomen of a swine with your mouth? Yeah. Didn't think so.



Food is our fuel. If you were to put low corn oil into a Lambo, chances are it wouldn't last long until it needed a new engine entirely. People around the globe have no idea that they are making choices every single day and some of their choices are literally killing them. 70% of the choices being the food they intake. By eliminating your poor daily diet as being your number one cause of how negative you think, how slow you function throughout your day, how bad you feel, how low your immune system is, and overall how you live, everything else positive will fall into place. Fast food is statistically proven as one of the main causes of cancer, fatal diseases, and depression. Sooooo. Doesn't that mean to wake up and smell the kale?! (ha ha)

I recently discovered through a friend of mine a new method of diet. An 'Alkaline Diet'. Alkaline is the pH your body is supposed to have in a natural and healthy state. It is supposed to always be above a 7.0pH level. Now. 95% (roughly estimated) of the Earths population isn't even at a 2.0pH level due to GMO products, fluoride, and ACIDIC FOODS, and more.

(Another NSFF: Water from the Earth is naturally alkalized. But when major corporations such as the ones in 7/11 or the local gas stations take that naturally awesome water, 'purify it', and distribute it, they also put heavy doses of fluoride into your everyday drinking water by the masses. Which is heavily acidic, and throughout time, can be fatal.)  Coincidence? I think not.

So if your not alkalized, then what are you?

If your pH levels are not even at least at a 5.0pH, your are running off of an 'Acidic' imbalance. Which is VERY bad. Having an acidic imbalance is what causes absolutely EVERY disease in the body you can think of to inhabit in your body and live there for an unsaid amount of time. But when your pH balance in in good working standards, diseases and viruses CANNOT survive. Cancer, is one of the main diseases that being alkalized *CURES*.

How can I determine what is acidic or alkalized?

Attached is a link to the man that was sued by the FDA, and WON because he claimed to have the cure to cancer, and proved it. Well, how did Dr. Sebi do it? You got it. Balancing pH levels and using a very strict diet. This link will go straight to a printable page of food and nutritional guidelines to be followed if you wish to achieve a balanced pH level.  

Dairy, meat, sugars, GMO products, fast food, breads, starch, and the list goes on, are ALL HIGHLY ACIDIC FOODS that American and people all around the world ingest on a daily, even tri-daily basis. 

Your body is meant to survive. But that doesn't mean to force it to survive EVERY SINGLE DAY its alive by fueling it nonsense. Treat your temple with love and feed it what it deserves. Dont take my word for it. Try it for 30 days, and I promise you WILL notice a change. Energy levels will naturally increase (without coffee or caffeine), clearer thoughts, more vivid dreams, clearer SKIN, body odor will decrease, skin, hair and nails with be stronger and shinier, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Until next time, love each other and radiate positivity! 

xo- CheyMina