Here at Chey Mina Brand, because Chey Mina herself is an online influencer and blogger, she likes to take care of her fellow influencers & bloggers. If you are an aspiring influencer, or a fully fledged online presence & lifestyle guru, contact us here for an opportunity to become apart of the team. This is a new program and we are initially selecting only a hand full of you who apply to join us on our journey. By becoming an ambassador for Chey Mina Brand you will receive a full sized candle of your choice, along with a special discount code for readers & followers. Also, of course we cant forget to take care of you! So you will also receive a generous discount code for any further candle purchases you may want besides the one given to you initially for only you to use. If the first CAMPAIGN is a success, we will provide you with another candle 60 days after your previous post, and include whatever new products & goodies that are involved at that time for you to promote. Sounds like heaven if you ask me!

So, please Tell us why you would be a good CANDIDATE for our company to promotionally collaborate with you and how us being involved with you would make your brand better! There is no right or wrong answer, but here at C.M.B. we are particular and want the right squad to experience our growth with. So we wanna feel your vibe! A response back will take no longer than 24 hours. We thank you for your interest and we wish you good luck!

-CMB Team xo

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